Alice Laura Models places well-qualified and attractive models, who are professionally trained to fulfill the role of a Brand Ambassador, Hostess and Model – all in one.

Effective live marketing depends on the know-how and the charisma of the models.

Our premium staff combines beauty, personality and capacity to make long lasting impressions.

A high degree of education, knowledge of foreign languages and a very attractive look are only a few qualifications that are required from our models.

While they enchant with their attractiveness, our highly-motivated models are able to work within an international atmosphere, have an eye for details and quickly learn about your product, brand and company.

Whether it be trade shows, conventions, congresses, corporate or fashion events, our models assist to grow relationships with visitors and professionals, provide information about your product, and contribute to the success of your business.

Our Dallas based model agency ensures that company, brand and product performances are an unforgettable experience.